The formula contains the full array of vitamins that most living beings need to carry on metabolic processes.
Not only does it contain all vitamins, including a full Vitamin B Complex, vitamins A, D, K, E & C, but it also contains all co-dependent nutrients for these vitamins to be functional and active for human assimilation.

Since our formula is a complete and balanced food, you do not have to worry about quantity like you do with separate vitamins or minerals. You cannot make a mistake with mixing and matching like you can with isolated and separate vitamins and minerals. You do not even have to worry about taking them with food. All we recommend is to take them along with water. This formula delivers completeness and great balance and ratio. It is designed to obtain balance and synergy between the vitamins and minerals that our body needs for better assimilation. The way nature makes vitamins and nutrients in plants cannot be replicated by chemists now and it will likely never be possible. A small amount of vitamin C occurring in a green pepper is tremendously more nutritionally functional than 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid from a bottle.

Furthermore, when you take vitamin supplements, you are taking risks with mixing and matching isolated and synthetic compounds that fall in the chemical category. You CANNOT sustain life eating multi-vitamins and minerals as supplements.

In our formula you will find the vitamins : A, B C, D, E, K, folic acid, inositol, and biotin:

  • VITAMIN A: Necessary for growth & repair of body tissues; helps maintain smooth, soft disease-free skin; helps protect the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat & lungs, thereby reducing susceptibility to infections; protects against air pollutants; counteracts night-blindness & weak eyesight; aids in bone and teeth formation. Current medical research shows that foods rich in Beta Carotene will help reduce the risk of lung cancer & certain oral cancers. Unlike Vitamin A from fish liver oil, Vitamin A from BSF is non-toxic
  • PYRIDOXINE or B6: Involved in the breakdown and assimilation of protein: protects cardiac health, reduces oedema and stabilizes female hormone levels. Some studies suggest that B6, together with the mineral zinc, can cure some forms of schizophrenia
  • BIOTIN: An enzyme that carries CO, during certain biochemical reactions involved in carbohydrate metabolism. Also acts as a co-enzyme in the assimilation of other B-complex vitamins. Biotin is destroyed by eating raw egg whites and some kinds of raw fish
  • COBALAMIN or B12: The most difficult of all vitamins to obtain from vegetable sources. BIOSUPERFOOD is extremely rich in this rare vitamin, containing 250% more than beef liver, previously thought to be nature's richest source. A single serving of BSF easily exceeds the Recommended Daily Allowance of 1.5 to 3 mcg daily. B12 deficiency results in pernicious anaemia, nerve degeneration, premature senility, pronounced fatigue and mental illnesses resembling schizophrenia
  • PANTOTHENIC ACID: The "stress" vitamin, used by the adrenal glands, along with cholesterol and vitamin C, to manufacture cortisone and other steroids in response to physical and mental stress. Deficiency encourages sensitivity to allergy, infection and degenerative diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. Ulcers and hypoglycaemia have also been associated with shortage of this vitamin
  • FOLIC ACID: Essential to proper haemoglobin formation in red blood cells. Deficiency results in anaemia, poor growth, skin pigmentation disorders and premature greying of the hair
  • INOSITOL: Vital lipotropic nutrient that sustains liver health and helps detoxify carcinogens, particularly excess female hormones. Helps normalize blood cholesterol levels. Along with choline, inositol is used by the liver to manufacture lecithin. Inositol is the second most abundant vitamin in the body, after niacin. Recent studies indicate that inositol, with biotin, reduces loss of scalp hair
  • NIACIN: Also known as nicotinic acid and niacinamide, which is an alternative form, niacin is essential to mental health. The Physicians' Desk Reference, a pharmaceutical text used by doctors when prescribing medication, recognizes niacin as an effective cholesterol-lowering agent
  • RIBOFLAVIN or B2: The most common vitamin deficiency is that of riboflavin and results in cataracts, failing vision, watery eyes and uncontrollable eczema
  • THIAMINE or B1: A co-enzyme in the breakdown of dietary carbohydrate. Maintains levels of glucose in the blood. Deficiency results in weakness, cardiac damage, abdominal distension and poor oxygenation. Severe shortage results in death; critical toxaemia develops from unmetabolized carbohydrate fragments
  • VITAMIN C: Essential for healthy teeth, gums & bones; helps heal wounds, scar tissue, & fractures; prevents scurvy; builds resistance to infection; aids in the prevention & treatment of the common cold; gives strength to blood vessels; aids in the absorption of iron. It is required for the synthesis of collagen, the intercellular "cement" which holds tissues together. It is also one of the major antioxidant nutrients. It prevents the conversion of nitrates (from tobacco smoke, smog, bacon, lunch meats, & some vegetables) into cancer-causing substances
  • VITAMIN D: Improves absorption and utilization of Calcium and Phosphorous; required for bone and teeth formation; maintains a stable nervous system and normal heart action
  • TOCOPHEROL or vitamin E: Algae in BIOSUPERFOOD contain more vitamin E per gram than pure wheat germ. Its biological activity is 49% greater than synthetic vitamin E. Vitamin E protects heart and vascular health, promotes oxygenation of cells, and retards ageing