Most of us have been touched by cancer, either directly or through someone we love developing it. Our regular medical professionals, GPs and oncologists, are restricted to what treatments they can tell us about and advise us to follow, indeed many imagine that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only possible responses.

A wonderful oncologist I met when my godson had a Wilms' tumour at the age of 2, seemed to not be interested in what might have actually been the cause of the growth, which struck me as odd and saddening. How can you solve any problem without knowing what has caused it in the first place?

While his mother focused on front line 24 hour care for her son, I bought my first computer and began to research complimentary cancer treatments. There was plenty to be discovered and I soon lost any fear of cancer, of dying from it or even being diagnosed with it.

Here are some links to explore for yourself how there might be other ways to prevent and treat cancer.

My Eskimo shaman friend Qisuk describes going 'into' the person's body to find the cancer, then he makes friends with it. We need a radically different approach to healing ourselves, to attack and 'fight' any cancer, which is the almost universal term used, is to wage war on oneself.

Amygdalin or B17 was the first treatment I came across, in the book World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin.

This article from 2017 about how sugar 'feeds' cancer cells, is about a big research paper published in Nature magazine. I'm glad it has been scientifically proven, but it must be said that it's what the alternative cancer treatment world has been advocating for many decades.

An oncology nurse speaks out about her 17 years of experience.

This short video gives some direct insight through a 2017 paper in Journal of Nature and Science that "suggests that ultimate cancer development is primarily a nutrition-responsive disease, rather than a genetic disease."

There is a long established clinic in Tijuana, Mexico called Issels where a great friend of mine has gone for successful treatment. Dr Issels established his original hospital in Bavaria in 1951 and his legacy was continued by his wife and two sons after he died in 1998 aged 90.

J B Wiskey