memory & brain function

One of the terrible plagues of our time and culture, is the issue our ageing populations have with memory function: Alzheimer's, Mild Cognitive Impairment, dementia.

Our micro algae blend is a great whole food to include in your diet to combat and help prevent these issues, as I have seen for myself.

Since I began taking the algae in 2014, the radical improvement of my memory and brain function has been one of the most amazing benefits I have had. Almost immediately my thinking became so much clearer that I began to realise I had suffered from brain fog for my whole life. I had virtually never known the clarity I now live with constantly. My memory improved dramatically too. I had grown used to forgetting words and names of people and had even experienced several Alzheimer's-like complete memory blanks, such as standing talking to someone I knew was a close, very well-known relative, but whom in that moment was just a person without a recognisable face or voice. These moments were so very scary that I hadn't told anybody about them because of my fear of what they represented. They have never recurred since I've had my daily BIOSUPERFOOD.

As with so many health issues that we are terrified of through being told they are incurable, it seems ever more clear to me that remedies are actually available for most issues, as long as we can take responsibility for our own part in our well-being, and take action to heal ourselves. Addressing our diets, looking into deep rooted emotional/mental issues with appropriate professional support, making lifestyle adjustments and exercising our minds and bodies, can all work toward having a long and active old age.

Understanding is key to regaining our health, and this TED talk by the inspiring Dr Neal Barnard is super-informative and wonderfully clear, offering a master-class in memory health in just 17 minutes that could transform your life and those of your loved ones.

J B Wiskey