Does homeopathy work?

Just one Drop  A film discussing homeopathy that screens at various times at various cinemas through Fan Force.

I've been treated homeopathically for over 30 years and have seen it work wonders for myself, friends, children & infants, and even for animals. The care & support that I've felt from every homeopath who's treated me, has been of itself a great agent of healing. The well trained homeopath goes into serious depth in order to discover the root causes of the symptoms their patients suffer from, which means that the remedies they then prescribe are not just going to scratch the surface of the patient's condition, but help our bodies resolve underlying causation themselves. An extraordinarily safe (statistically) and effective medicine, I have no hesitation in recommending homeopathy to everybody.


To find a homoeopath near to you, you can search via the British Homeopathic Association.

Or contact one of these outstanding homeopaths directly:

Suse Moebius:  susemoebius@hotmail.com

Melissa Fairbanks     melissafairbanks.org

Ilana Dannheisser   www.homeopathy-wandsworth.co.uk 

In the West of England, Mani Norland runs the School of Homeopathy

J B Wiskey